Grace Mendez Catalyst Wedges Product Review

Product Review Catalyst Contour Wedges

I recently ordered six Catalyst contour wedges.

Before I dive in and use a new supply in an actual project, I like to test it out to see what it can do.

The wedges are hard, plastic, durable and well made. They are easy to hold because of their wedge shape.

At first, I did not think they would work out for the Gelli Arts printing plate but when I actually tried them, I found they work great. As stated in the video, as long as there is enough paint on the plate and you don’t jab straight down into the surface of the plate, they are fun to use. Combine a few of them to make a variety of marks not possible with a stencil or a mask.

Besides the use with the Gelli plate, they will definitely find a place in a mixed-media artist’s toolbox. Also, anytime an art supply doesn’t take a lot of clean-up, it’s already on my favorites list. No bristles = not a lot of time to clean up!

As a side note, I ordered the wedges from Blick and there was a slight mix-up in my order. I received two of the same Catalyst contour wedges and was missing one. I called their customer service and let them know. They were very apologetic and are sending me the missing wedge. And they said I could keep the extra one.  How is that for customer service?

Grace Mendez Catalyst Wedges Review