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Sharpie Pens and Rubbing Alcohol Muslin Scarf Tutorial

A friend shared a pin she found on Pinterest of combining Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol.

I tried the technique on paper, then I tried it on a scrap of fabric. I liked it much better on the fabric.

The Stained markers didn’t work very well, meaning they didn’t react much with the alcohol. I guess that is the point, they are made to be permanent.

It was fun watching the Sharpie pens and the rubbing alcohol move through the fibers. Caution: work in a well ventilated area.

I didn’t hem the scarf and I don’t plan to. If you don’t like to sew, this is perfect for you.

Gather your supplies:

  • Sharpie pens
  • rubbing alcohol
  • muslin fabric – I’m using a very inexpensive muslin cut to 15″ x 75″
  • eye dropper
  • rubbing alcohol
  • iron or dryer
  • something to protect your work surface – I used Freezer Wrap.

It’s a simple process:

  • Draw on the fabric
  • Drop rubbing alcohol on marker spots
  • Heat set fabric – I ironed fabric when it was dry
  • Wash fabric
  • Let dry
  • Wrap and go!

sharpies on muslinSharpie reacting to rubbing alcoholSharpie pens and rubbing alcohol on fabric before washingWash fabric after heat settingFabric after washingSharpie and rubbing alcohol muslin scarfSharpie and rubbing alcohol muslin scarf