Find Support to Beat Procrastination Grace Mendez

Small Steps

Doing just a little bit during the time we have available puts you that much further ahead than if you took no action at all.” ~Byron Pulsifer

What happens if you are still procrastinating and not working on your desired creative art projects?

Sometimes a project may seem too big to tackle. Breaking it down into small steps can help.

Then break down each small step into to even smaller steps so that they are so tiny that they are not hard to do.

Let’s go back to the exercise I gave you in “Where to Start.”  Grab your index cards with the projects you wrote down from your to-do list. Find one project you want to do.

Look at the back of the card at the list of items you need for the project. Make a check mark next to the items that you already have. Where are these items now? Are they in an easy to access location? Are they grouped together so that you can start quickly and not hunt for them?

If you don’t have all of your supplies, you now have a handy list of supplies you need to get. How has not having the items you need, kept you from starting your project? Are the supplies costly or hard to get? What do you need to do to get your supplies?

Are all the items available from the same store or place? When you have all the items on your list, how will you store them? Does that hold you back from purchasing your items?

Once you have all your supplies will you start your project or will there be something else in your way?

Do you fear mistakes and therefore fear that you will waste your time, energy, or supplies?

Are you lacking time for your project? How can you break up your project into smaller segments?

Is space an issue? How can you accommodate your project?

Do you need instruction or guidance to start your project?

It’s possible you lost interest in your project and that is why you have not done anything about it. It’s perfectly fine to move on. In fact, it frees up time and energy for the things that do hold your interest.

Small Steps Grace Mendez

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