Something New

What happens when you are asked to make a change?

Do you adapt or do you hesitate?

What happens when you ask someone to make a change and they resist?

How do you feel if they snap back “but we have always done it this way” ?

I recently had this happen to me. As a new member, I made a suggestion to a planning committee to add a element to their community event. The idea was promptly rejected because they just don’t. do. it. that. way.

“Oh, okay, well…, um…” was my internal response. I stayed quiet for the rest of the meeting and have pulled way back from my participation.

I was so surprised by their definite resistance to my idea.

So maybe my idea wouldn’t have worked and maybe it might have, but to not give it a chance I believe was a mistake.

Update: Somehow “my” idea is now being incorporated into “their” event. Or at least they are looking into it now as a possibility.

This week’s Zentangle challenge was to incorporate four particular tangle patterns into our tile. I had never done any of these tangles before. I didn’t say, “that is not the way things are done around here, so NO!, I will not participate.”

I said, “YES! Let’s see what happens.”

Of course, it is not a big risk or investment to draw for a short time on a 3.5″ x 3.5″ tile of paper compared to changing an element of a community event. However, being flexible is something to keep in mind when it comes time to being open to change.

So now, the question is, should I be flexible and go back?