How willing are you to stretch out of your comfort zone?

Part of this week’s Zentangle challenge was to stretch our capacities.

The image that I am sharing with you isn’t really much of a stretch for me. None of the tangles are new to me although I have not done them in this configuration or arrangement before now.

I did not follow the complete challenge as directed. So, what happened?

Why didn’t I stretch more and instead choose to stay in my safety zone?

Staying in my comfort zone is efficient because I don’t have to do work hard at something new and I can crank what ever I am doing faster and with less effort.

Staying in my comfort zone assures success because I know the outcome.

Staying in my comfort zone doesn’t make problems for other people around me because I am behaving in my usual manner.

Staying in my comfort zone doesn’t force me grow by stretching but does allow me to become better at what I already know because of more practice.

I don’t think we always have to stretch to grow.

Sometimes we can grow by repeating what already have done and as long as we strive to be better or do better I think that is alright.

What do you think? Is it better to always try to stretch? Or is it better to become stronger at what you already do?