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    Painting With Crayons

    Pam Carriker’s book: Mixed Media Portraits is one of my favorites. I took one of her projects, Painting with Crayons and recorded a video of my process. It goes to prove that you can do a lot with only a few supplies. Supplies that I used: Pencil Caran D’Ache Neocolor II watersoluable crayons Matte medium Brush Water Paper (I used my altered book) Scrap of freezer paper for a palette I made a lot of mistakes. Nothing critical, after all it is art and accidents are inevitable. The biggest takeaway: read the lesson before starting. What I like about this project is that you can work in stages. There are…

  • Grace Mendez: Starting An Altered Book
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    Altered Books

    I’m starting an altered book project. It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable with the process of altering pages in a printed book. I love books. I have shelves of books, I go to the library regularly. Growing up I was told to not write in books. When I was in college I worked at the student library. Books hold a preciousness. Yet, I love looking at altered books and book art. I’ve wanted to join that tribe of altered book artists. I’ve bought and found free books that I purposely have put away to use as an altered book. I’ve made a few attempts but have not…