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    Art Journal Watercolor Portrait

    Watercolor and art journaling works well together. It’s extremely portable and yields colorful results. I made this image while half-sitting, half-reclining on the sofa with a toothache. It’s a holiday weekend so I have to wait for the dentist office to open in a couple of days. I have enough energy to work in an art journal but not to work sitting up at my work desk. Watercolor that is in a travel set is a perfect partner for an art journal. I use a water brush and skip the water container. Even when I feel 100% I use the Sakura watercolors and water brush in my art journal. Add a pencil…

  • Grace Mendez Art Journal Face

    Art Journal Faces

    I make a lot of faces of women in my art journal. It’s one of my favorite things to do in a journal. I’ve noticed most of the faces are about the same. They are looking straight ahead and have crazy hair or flowers for hair. As you can see, once in a while, I change them up. I borrowed Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Faces from the public library and was inspired to make a more whimsical face with a crown and eyelashes.  All four of these art journal faces are made with watercolor, some with a little bit of pencil and marker. You don’t need a lot of fancy…

  • Grace Mendez Art Journal Page

    Art Journal Page

    A few weeks ago I showed how I prepare art journal pages with graphite and gesso HERE. With a few Derwent Inktense colored pencils and a water brush, I went over the background layer. The water from the brush doesn’t buckle the thin pages because of the previous gesso layer. I like how one of the eyes has a circle that surrounds it.

  • Grace Mendez Mixed Media Portrait

    Mixed Media Portrait In An Art Journal

    One of my favorite things to make are mixed media portraits. I work in several art journals at once. I brought one of my Moleskine journals to the Mixed-Media Art Journaling workshop that I teach and I started the page in class and finished it at home. This mixed media portrait is made with gesso, acrylic paint, hand-made collage paper (origami paper and colored pencil), random collage paper and Derwent Inktense pencils. As with many of the pages in my art journals, I create without a lot of planning. I love the spontaneity of working this way. She is not perfect. I don’t need her to be perfect. She just needs to…

  • Grace Mendez Altered Book Page

    Altered Book Page E

    One of my favorite substrates is an altered book. I have been working with this book for a while. Books with images already in place act as collage elements without having to add them yourself. When you work around the images, it’s as if you are in collaboration with another person. I previously prepared the page with gesso. It’s really nice when you can dive right into a page and not have to wait for paint to dry.