• Grace Mendez Postcards

    The 100 Day Project 2017 Update

    I’m three-quarters of the way through the one-hundred-day project challenge. Find out more about the #the100dayproject here. To be honest, there have been times when I didn’t feel like participating. Except for one day when I forgot entirely because I had an overnight guest and my routine was a lot different from the usual, I’ve worked on the project. In the beginning of a project, there is excitement and momentum. Then monotony sets in but you have to keep working. Some of the work is crap and that is okay. It’s just what happens when you work your way through a large project or even a small project. All your…

  • Art By Grace Mendez

    Partial Collection of Art from 2016

    This video is a partial collection of art that I made in 2016. This past year I participated in an online workshop called LifeBook 2016. Most of the art in the video is from that project. A few of the images in this collection are from workshops I was in at Art is You in Santa Rosa, CA. The rest are random pieces I made. LifeBook is wonderful. I learned so much and was introduced to many new teachers and their techniques. It requires a time commitment to watch the videos, to make the art, to upload the art and then participate in the facebook group. The great thing about LifeBook…

  • Grace Mendez 10 Reasons Why to Work in a Series

    10 Reasons Why You Should Work in a Series

    Why you should work in a series I found 10 reasons why working in a series is beneficial: Build skill Try out new techniques Save time by not having to think about what to work on Save time by keeping your supplies out and ready to go Practice how to integrate individual pieces into a whole collection Build a consistent practice Create a body of work to share or sell Try something new without the preciousness of making only one Inspires you to come up with new ideas Uncover your style How to develop a series: There are many ways to come up with a series. The most helpful recommendation…

  • Grace Mendez It's in the Cards Tutorial

    It’s in the Cards Tutorial

    Do you believe in fortune telling? I don’t know about you, but I used to have a Magic 8 Ball®. I loved playing with it. The idea was that it would magically tell your fortune when you shook the ball and looked in the window for the answer. Mostly I used it in elementary school to find out if a secret crush liked me back. Although I don’t have a Magic 8 Ball anymore, I thought it would be fun to make up a set of fun fortune telling cards using the same 20 responses that are inside the ball. What you will need: 20 ATC cards, playing cards or…

  • Grace Mendez Mixed Media

    ValueViewer App to Improve Art

    My favorite way to improve my art is to use the ValueViewer app. Have you ever made a piece of artwork and known that something is not quite right but you can’t figure out what it is? I rely on books, online workshops, in person workshops, looking at artwork in person, and lots of practice to get better. And I also use an app for my iPhone called ValueViewer. Many times I rely on the squint process where you look at your work and squint your eyes to get an overall view of the image. That helps somewhat, but it also advances the wrinkling of the face, which I do…