• Grace Mendez Art Journal Page

    Art Journal Page

    A few weeks ago I showed how I prepare art journal pages with graphite and gesso┬áHERE. With a few Derwent Inktense colored pencils and a water brush, I went over the background layer. The water from the brush doesn’t buckle the thin pages because of the previous gesso layer. I like how one of the eyes has a circle that surrounds it.

  • Grace Mendez Lyra Graphite Crayons and Gesso
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    Lyra Graphite Crayons and Gesso

    Lyra Graphite Crayons come in a variety of hardnesses. I don’t think of them as traditional crayons because they are not waxy. But they are hefty like a crayon. It is like you are using a big solid piece of pencil lead. I love the 9B crayon as it gives a very dark line like a charcoal pencil but doesn’t crumble like charcoal does. Lyra Graphite Crayons also come in a water soluble version as well. My only suggestion to the company would be to make the paper wrappers two different colors in order to differentiate the regular and the water soluble crayons. I used a blue crayon to color…

  • Grace Mendez Meandering Book Online Workshop

    Meandering Book Online Workshop

    I love working on paper. I also love portable art making. On the first floor of my home, I use a spare bedroom as my studio. The rest of the living space is on the second floor. This means I often tote my art supplies up and down the stairs, especially in the evening when I go upstairs to watch (or mostly listen) to a movie on Netflix. I also like to travel light and carrying a bulky,┬áhard cover, art journal is not something I enjoy. I rather carry a soft covered art journal and a small pouch of art supplies to the park or cafe. The last couple of…

  • Fabric as Inspiration Grace Mendez
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    Fabric Inspiration

    Fabric inspiration for an art journal is an easy way to start a page. Over the weekend, I went to the annual White Elephant sale put on by the Oakland Museum of California. I bought three pieces of late 60’s? early 70’s mod fabric. The scrap of fabric in the photo is from one of the fabrics I cut up when I got home. The fabric is super bright. When I wear it, I may look like I am coming from a Laugh-In costume party. I imagine the fabric must have been stored for at least 40 years. I wonder where it came from and why no one used it.…

  • Art Journal Page by Grace Mendez

    Quick Art Journal Page

    A quick art journal page is what happens when I only have a few minutes. What helps make it quick is that I had a background started on this page in my handmade art journal. The swipes of black paint were created earlier with acrylic paint and a one-inch sponge brush on Strathmore 500 series mixed media paper. Afterwards I sewed the paper into a journal using the coptic stitch. I used directions from the book Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books. Now that I see all my steps, maybe I cannot call this a quick art journal page because of all of the preparation that came before sketching the…