• Adding a prompt to an art journal Grace Mendez
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    Adding a Prompt to an Art Journal

    Adding a prompt to an art journal is one way to beat the dreaded blank page. The prompts can be answered in your journal on the very page that you create. The prompts can also be answered in another journal or notebook if you want to keep the response more private. I found that once you know where you are headed, it doesn’t take very much time to complete a page or at least get most of it done. The getting started part is what seems to hold up the process of working in an art journal. The journal that I am working in is one you could make with…

  • Variety of Art Journal Borders by Grace Mendez

    Art Journal Borders

    Art journal borders are not just for writing in. You can use art journal borders to emphasize an important focal point section off areas on a page draw inside of collage into give a page a finished look They don’t have to be very fancy or created with a lot of art materials. A lot of my art journal pages have a minimalist look to them. This allows me to be productive with only a few minutes and/or a few tools.

  • Quit Playing - Get Old Quote

    Play Time is Essential

    To me, play is an activity that provides enjoyment. Which sounds better to you: being old and brittle or young and supple? Do either one describe you or are you in between these two extremes? I don’t expect that anyone would purposely want to be old and brittle. I ask to bring some awareness to the situation. What is your favorite form of play? How do you feel when you are having fun? Create a page in your art journal with a list or shows your favorite fun activities so that you can refer to them when you need a boost.

  • Hardcover Sketchbooks Grace Mendez

    Hardcover Sketchbooks Overview

    I use a variety of hardcover sketchbooks from a variety of companies. The hardcover sketchbooks I have the most of are from Moleskine. I like the durability although you will see from the video that I have run into some issues with the binding. My favorite paper is in the Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Sketchbook and the Stillman & Birn Alpha Sketchbook. The paper doesn’t have a coating like the Moleskine Sketchbook, but I have found a way to get around that if I am using watercolor in the Moleskine. You won’t see a lot of my writing with my artwork. I have a tendency to keep my artwork…

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    How Can Art Journals Create Joy?

    I need reminders. I use a calendar for appointments. I use a timer for cooking. I frequently use an art journal for personal growth and insight. As shown in some of my previous postsĀ I like creating simple pages in my art journal. This loose-leaf art journal page is created with pencil (erased after painting), watercolors and Sakura Gelly Roll Metalics. I have found the secret to living a meaningful life is to focus on your values. When I move away from my values I lose my way. I wish I had learned this earlier in my life. Although I understand this and believe this to be true I still forget.…