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    The Basics of Self-Care

    Listen To Self Help Internet Radio Stations with Twenty Minutes to Peace on BlogTalkRadio Without self-care, you will not able to create any art or be creative. Self-care is the key to having time to create. Without it, you will be taking care of everyone else first. Kelly Burkhart and I talk about how to break the cycle in this show.  

  • Zentangle Inspired Art by Grace Mendez The image was created by drawing in the negative space leaving the word Love.
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    Zentangle Inspired Art

    The image was created by drawing in the negative space leaving the word Love visible. You can do this with any word or shape. In this example, I drew the letters free hand. A stencil would work just as well if you are not comfortable with your lettering. This Zentangle Inspired Art piece is dedicated to the world around us and beyond our reach.

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    Love is …..

    Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. ~ H. L. Mencken Love is such a huge topic to talk about, or sing about or think about. (I believe talking and thinking are not always done simultaneously so that is why I listed them as separate. That could be another blog post on its own.) Love can be simple or complex, new or old. Love can be crazy or deep or fleeting. To me, love is the basic emotion that ties us all together or sans love, tears us apart. What does love mean to you?