• Grace Mendez Best Ever Craft Mat

    Best Ever Craft Mat by Ken Oliver

    For my birthday, my daughter gave me a gift card to Amazon and I ordered the Best Ever Craft Mat by Ken Oliver (24″ x 36″). The Best Ever Craft Mat has been on my work table for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it. So far, nothing sticks to it. To clean the surface, I use water, baby wipes, hand sanitizer or baby oil. So far, none of those cleaning products damage the mat. I wonder if after repeated cleaning the surface will eventually lose its ability to repel moisture. A word about the video: I usually don’t use my phone to make videos. I have to…

  • Grace Mendez Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks

    Product Review: Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks

    Kwik Stix, my new favorite art supply, is marketed toward children. Their description says Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks. They look a lot like markers until you pull off the cap and see they are solid like lipstick. They behave like super creamy crayons with no problem going over dried acrylic paint. In my testing, I found that the color is removable with water over the acrylic paint but permanent over an uncoated paper. Kwik Stix vs Gelatos® Perhaps you use Faber-Castell Gelatos. Gelatos are similar in how you directly apply them to your surface from a twist up tube and also the creaminess factor. I want to like…

  • Grace Mendez Product Review: Montana Empty Markers

    Product Review Montana Paint Markers

    Product review Montana Paint Markers In order to add more variety of line width to my artwork, I was either going to buy some markers or make my own and be able to refill them so I went with the refill option. My paint, a set of older Airbrush paints from Golden is very fluid and is highly pigmented. I don’t know if they make that line anymore. They do have another line of similar viscosity paints, High Flow. I love the quality of the paint, however dispersing a small amount directly from the bottle they come in has been problematic. Either a larger amount than I want comes out,…

  • Grace Mendez Catalyst Wedges Product Review

    Product Review Catalyst Contour Wedges

    I recently ordered six Catalyst contour wedges. Before I dive in and use a new supply in an actual project, I like to test it out to see what it can do. The wedges are hard, plastic, durable and well made. They are easy to hold because of their wedge shape. At first, I did not think they would work out for the Gelli Arts printing plate but when I actually tried them, I found they work great. As stated in the video, as long as there is enough paint on the plate and you don’t jab straight down into the surface of the plate, they are fun to use.…

  • Grace Mendez Graphik Pen Review

    Derwent Graphik Line Painter Product Review

    The Graphik line painter pens from Derwent are a lot of fun. The colors are bright and the paint flows out of the Graphik pens without any problems. The reviews on the Blick Art Store’s website only rate them as 3.5 out of 5. Customers complain about the pens leaking but I do not have that problem. Or at least I have not had that problem as of now. When you first get them, you pump the nib a couple of times to get the ink to flow. Periodic shaking keeps the pigment mixed. In the video, I state that I do not know how many colors there are. According…