• Grace Mendez. Mirror to the Soul

    Mirror to the Soul

    The best thing about viewing art, or creating art is how it acts as a mirror to the soul. I believe no two people interpret art the same way. We each bring our own life experiences to viewing or creating art. Not only that, our reaction changes to the same piece of art when we are in a different emotional or mental state. Whether we are viewing a sunset, a dance performance or a painting, we have a response. Sometimes the reaction can also be one of indifference, which in itself is a response to be aware of. It is neither good or bad, it just is. Reactions can be…

  • Grace Mendez: Procrastination and the fear of mistakes keeps us from a creative life.
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    How to Beat Procrastination

    To beat procrastination you must first figure out where your fear lives. No fear = creativity and freedom to explore. The fear of mistakes is a common obstacle. In my zentangle workshops I explain one of the principles: there are no mistakes. If you go in a direction that you did not intend, you go from there. Just like in life, there is no going back in time, no real do-overs (we don’t use erasers), we make adjustments and go from there. We look at this new direction as a new opportunity. There is permission to be imperfect in our creativity. Another procrastination obstacle that appears is lack of faith…

  • A Creative Life Grace Mendez
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    A Creative Life

    One of my core values is living a creative life. It takes many forms, not just putting paint to canvas, but also in the way I structure my day. Freedom is also another very important value. Without freedom I think it would be harder to live a creative life. I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to test out my varied career paths. Had I not tried them, I would be left wondering, “What if?” I would be holding on to the idea that something better was out there. I don’t believe in living a life of doubt and regret. Try it and move on. This quote also…

  • If I have the belief by Mahatma Gandhi

    Belief That I Can

    We all have comfortable and easy-to-fall-back-on areas in our lives. This is true whether they are our favorite foods, clothes, friends or creativity. And then there are the areas that we have more difficulty with. These can be activities we resist because we believe the stories we tell ourselves about how hard it is. ​I have two examples to share with you. Comfortable for me: a dry brush painting technique as a low pressure way to start a piece of work on a canvas or art journal. Difficult for me: my belief that drawing hands is hard. I can change my belief once I start practicing. Eventually I will acquire the ability to draw hands although I struggle with it right now. What creativity beliefs trip you up?