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    Prepping Pages in an Art Journal

    Prepping Pages Prepping pages in an art journal when you are not in a super creative mood ensures that when you are in the mood, you can get right to work. One method I like to use when prepping pages is to lay down a layer of paint using Blick’s Matte Acrylic Paint. In the video, I say the paper is not meant for artwork. What I meant, is that the paper is not specifically created for water media. The Cahier Moleskine notebook paper is on the thin side, but with the addition of the paint, it does strengthen up. Clean Up To make clean up faster and easier, I wear gloves…

  • Grace Mendez Art Journal Page

    Art Journal Page

    A few weeks ago I showed how I prepare art journal pages with graphite and gesso HERE. With a few Derwent Inktense colored pencils and a water brush, I went over the background layer. The water from the brush doesn’t buckle the thin pages because of the previous gesso layer. I like how one of the eyes has a circle that surrounds it.

  • Grace Mendez: Starting An Altered Book
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    Altered Books

    I’m starting an altered book project. It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable with the process of altering pages in a printed book. I love books. I have shelves of books, I go to the library regularly. Growing up I was told to not write in books. When I was in college I worked at the student library. Books hold a preciousness. Yet, I love looking at altered books and book art. I’ve wanted to join that tribe of altered book artists. I’ve bought and found free books that I purposely have put away to use as an altered book. I’ve made a few attempts but have not…

  • A world of Artist Journal Pages Review by Grace Mendez

    A World of Artist Journal Pages

    I love this book: A World of Artist Journal Pages. It’s not a how-to book. It’s a collection of art journal pages curated by Dawn Devries Sokol. You may see in the short video, that I have flagged some pages. The pages that are flagged are conversations with featured artists. A few of the questions she asks the artists are, “What do you do when you’re blocked?; What are your favorite mediums to use?; Which artists do you look to for inspiration?” I love that last question because I am learning about new artists in addition to all of the artists that are included in the book. There are over…

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    Art Journaling with Pencil and Markers

    Art making can be as simple as working on paper with pencil and markers. I found #The100DayProject and decided it would be a project that I could do with an art journal that so far, had only one image in it. Here are some of the images that I have done with pencil and markers. The paper is thin so I am staying away from acrylic paints, inks or super wet watercolor work in this journal. The book is on the smaller side of what I normally use so the art work doesn’t take very long. Plus working with the minimal of supplies makes it very fast too. I’m not looking…