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    White Pens for Art Journals

    Have you found a white pen that works well for your art journal? It’s taken me a long time and now I think that I have found two or three pens that will be my go-to pens when I want to write or draw over dark surfaces in my art journal. To start the sample page I used a discarded plastic gift card to scrape Golden Airbrush Colors in Carbon Black across the page in my art journal. ¬†It only takes one or two drops to make a line. The sketchbook is an A4 size¬†Moleskine. Scraping the paint across the page is one of my favorite methods of using paint…

  • Sakura Koi Watercolors, Dawn Detergent, Moleskine Sketchbook, Micron pen
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    Art Journaling Trick

    I just found out something for my art journaling that had been bothering me for a long time. I love Moleskine sketchbooks. They are sturdy and the books can lay flat. The pages feel like card stock, are creamy colored and have curved corners. I love using watercolors in them except for the way that the paint usually lays on top of the paper. Their paper has some kind of smooth coating that resists the watercolor. The watercolor sits on top and doesn’t penetrate the paper without a lot of water and that makes the paper buckle. This weekend I read the book The Complete Decorated Journal by Gwen Diehn.…