• mixed media Grace Mendez

    New Art Journal

    A few weeks ago I started a new art journal. A new art journal is a blank slate that will take you where ever you wish to go. This particular art journal is an exploration into mixed-media experimentation. I bound the art journal with watercolor paper in a long stitch. The covers are made from the back of the pad of watercolor paper. The first layer on the pages is gesso, then watercolor and then random bits of collage from a magazine and other artwork that I have done. I also: Created portraits with watercolors Made patterns and blobs with watercolor paints Used Pinterest as inspiration. I thought I could…

  • Fabric as Inspiration Grace Mendez
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    Fabric Inspiration

    Fabric inspiration for an art journal is an easy way to start a page. Over the weekend, I went to the annual White Elephant sale put on by the Oakland Museum of California. I bought three pieces of late 60’s? early 70’s mod fabric. The scrap of fabric in the photo is from one of the fabrics I cut up when I got home. The fabric is super bright. When I wear it, I may look like I am coming from a Laugh-In costume party. I imagine the fabric must have been stored for at least 40 years. I wonder where it came from and why no one used it.…

  • Dry Brush Technique by Grace Mendez

    Dry Brush

    I used a dry brush technique in my art journal today. The inspiration came from the book: Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner. It’s a wonderful resource with many techniques to try out. I have the spiral book version and it lays perfectly flat when reading it. Supplies I used: acrylic paints (Golden Fluid Acrylics) natural bristle brush water silicone brushes It’s a very easy and very fast technique to do. I had a sheet of watercolor paper next to me as my palette and used my Stillman and Birn¬†journal. (I have a review of hard back journals here.) Dip your brush into the paint – as little amount as you…

  • Mixed media journal page by Grace Mendez

    My Struggle with Drawing Hands

    This art journal page is in exercise in using the familiar and the unfamiliar and my struggle with drawing hands. I resist drawing hands. The idea of it also keeps me from drawing bodies. So I mostly stick to drawing whimsical faces. I can change that belief once I start practicing. Eventually I will¬†acquire the ability to draw hands without a struggle. I started my page with a stencil (I don’t use stencils very much) and PanPastels. Last year I wanted PanPastels so bad that I finally got some and as you can see by the packaging, not really used them. So I like PanPastels, just not very familiar with…

  • How to cover up a journal page

    How to Cover Up an Art Journal Page

    There are only a few steps to cover up an art journal page with gesso. SUPPLIES: Golden’s black gesso plastic card or wedge Golden’s white gesso I don’t believe in tearing out pages in my art journals. I will work on it to get past that ugly stage that some pages go through. But sometimes I just want a fresh start. White gesso, unless applied in a heavy coat, or in several coats will not always cover up the page. Used alone white gesso is great if you want to preserve what you already created and make it recede. What I am talking about is going back to neutral. You…