Grace Mendez Tree Outside My Window

Tree Outside My Window

Grace Mendez Tree 01 2017

I think that when the tree outside my window was planted, it wasn’t planted deep enough.

Or maybe the soil underneath the roots is not porous enough to penetrate and support the growth of the trees. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, the trees on this portion of the street lean toward the parked cars.

A couple months ago, the city removed one of the trees because it was leaning even further than the ones that remain.

I read somewhere that when a large portion of roots appear on the surface of the soil, the tree is in trouble (unless it supposed to have aerial roots). I think the tree outside my window is a Sycamore and the roots typically grow beneath the soil. I’m hoping these trees will continue to survive.

Most of the year in this part of California, the weather stays about the same.

I depend on trees like this to let me know what season we are in. So many of the trees and plants in our area are deciduous and don’t offer a visual cue. My children are adults and I no longer depend on a school schedule to guide me through the seasons. Of course, I have a calendar and refer to it daily, but that is for my brain. I’m talking about the way the body reacts to nature. I don’t live in an area with extremes in weather to guide me.

When I work inside my studio space, I frequently look out the window to give my eyes a break from the computer screen or the artwork I have in front of me.

Trees remind me that there is life outside my little room! They remind me that things are constantly changing even though I may not notice. They remind me that they keep trying even if they are not perfect.

What do you see from your workspace?