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What’s So Funny?

What makes you laugh?

Visual journal prompt: What's so funny?" or "What makes you laugh?"
Ball point pen and Sakura Glaze pen

Our family’s dog, Olivia, likes to take one piece of her dog food and toss it in the air and then chase it down before she eats it. I don’t know where she learned to do this but it cracks me up every time she does it.

And there was the time that I walked into a glass door of a restaurant in San Francisco and banged my head. Okay, it wasn’t funny then, but now it’s┬áhilarious.

In your journal, write down what makes you laugh.

When you get down, look at your page to remind you that there are good days along with the bad. Notice that I said “when” you get down. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have low points in their life. Please tell me where I am wrong, if you are the exception to the rule.

It may not cheer you up at the moment but your page is there as a reminder that life will eventually swing around and you will laugh again.

To create this simple visual journal’s background, I made wavy lines with a ball point pen and then in every other set of lines, I filled in with vertical lines. The writing was done after the background was completed.