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Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk Book Review

There are many books on dealing with the inner critic and how it keep your creative activities at bay.

By far, Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk, by Danielle Krysa, is my favorite book on the subject.

Even though it doesn’t express anything different that I read in any of the other books, the way that this book is written makes the information easy to identify with.

Krysa doesn’t belittle you or say that you just have to get over it and get to work.

Instead, there are several, easy to do exercises to try out.

One of my favorite exercises is to make “ugly stuff.” By getting the ugly stuff out of the way, you can move forward with the good stuff. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up. We learn and improve by doing.

She asks us to look back to when the inner critic made its first appearance. As kids, an inner critic does not bother us. It starts to show up when someone makes us feel bad about what we are doing.

Once we address the inner critic, we can figure out how to use it to our advantage. You will not get rid of it but will learn to work alongside it. 

In Chapter 10, Krysa gives us three remedies for the creative blocks that show up. She says to be ready for mistakes, take breaks outside, and set limits or perimeters. The remedies sound so simple, yet they are powerful recommendations.

If you ever feel like your inner critic is keeping you back from creating I’m sure that by procrastinating a little bit more to read this book, you will be helped. Then you can get to the good stuff!