Your True Self Grace Mendez

Your True Self

Your True Self Grace Mendez

Can we ever be anything but our true self?

I believe we are who we are from birth. Then, we make choices in how we lead our lives. Those choices can mask who we really are. I’m talking about the choices we make to please other people. Who are these other people? Parents, family, teachers, friends, co-workers, the media and so on. The pressure to make other people happy can corrupt our values.

We can choose to stay put, physically and mentally. I know I did that for many years.

I  finally woke up and began to make changes to improve my circumstances. I believe removing the parts of my life that made me unhappy  is how I have been able to be so creative these last few years.

I hereby grant you (and me) permission to push the unhappy away. Even if it is for 45 minutes so that you can do something creative that feeds your soul. Do it.

Do you need some help?

I learned this technique in my Martha Beck life coach training. It’s called the “Three B’s

  • Make a list of your to-do’s
  • Rate the items in the list on a scale of negative 10 to positive 10.
  • The items that are rated the lowest are the items that you work on first. Use one of these three B’s:

1. Bag it:

Don’t do it! Start saying, “No” to things that bring you down. For example say, “No” to an event that you don’t want to attend, a call that you don’t want to make or clothing that makes you feel frumpy. Practice setting your boundaries on stuff you really don’t want to do and eventually it will become easier with time.

2. Barter it:

Delegate it to someone else. Either pay someone else to do it or trade it out. Hate doing your taxes (cleaning the gutters, mowing the yard, etc.) yourself? Use a service to do it for you. Can you trade something you like to do (fill – in – the – blank) with a friend who likes to do something you don’t like to do (organize cupboards, go grocery shopping, etc.)?

3. Better it:

When you cannot Bag it, or Barter it, because you have do something like going to the dentist, better it. Treat yourself to a movie afterwards, wear your favorite sweater, or bring a library book with you to the appointment.

This is not an overnight solution. It may take time to feel totally free. But I guarantee that being in that happy space will boost your creativity like nothing else.

Do you have tips or techniques that you use when you want to get into that creative space? Please share in the comments below.