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Zenvelopes, A New Tangle to Add to Your Zentangle List of Patterns

Zenvelopes Pattern by Grace Mendez, CZT

I may have come up with a new pattern.

I was inspired by a blog post over at CappuccinoAndArtJournal. If you scroll down, she has a picture of wallpaper from a post office museum in Budapest.

There are so many patterns to use in the Zentangle® world already named and dissected.

Every time that I think I find a new pattern it has already been “discovered”.

This may be the case here as well.

I love what these two Certified Zentangle Teachers, Kathy Barringer and Denise Henkle Owen did with the pattern!

I hope you try it out, too.

Even if it’s not “new” it is still fun to tangle.

zenvelopes example by Kathy Barringer
By Kathy Barringer, CZT
zenvelopes by Denise Henkle Owen
By Denise Henkle Owen, CZT