• Grace Mendez Inktober 2019

    Inktober 2019

    This year I used the iPad app, Procreate for my project in Inktober 2019. Here is my usual experience with most series that I complete: Starting a project in a series is fun and exciting The middle part is a slog Self-doubt sets in and the repetition is a bore The last few days go by super fast It’s over I didn’t use any of the guides that are available in Procreate for Inktober 2019. Within the app, you can create perfect circles, straight lines and symmetrical images in Procreate. I did not want to rely on any of those guides to allow for a more organic look. In my…

  • Grace Mendez Cheat Sheet

    What is a Cheat Sheet?

    Here are a few reasons that I like creating cheat sheets: You can test out your supplies. It saves time when you are looking for a particular color. It can be used as a reference card when replacing the supply. Cheat Sheets are Easy to Create Get a piece of paper, preferably close to, or the same type of substrate that you will be working on Cut it to the shape that will fit with your supplies Add your supply to the card If desired, write the name and/or the color number to the corresponding swatch Watch a short video on a couple of my cheat sheets: Do you do…

  • Grace Mendez Best Ever Craft Mat

    Best Ever Craft Mat by Ken Oliver

    For my birthday, my daughter gave me a gift card to Amazon and I ordered the Best Ever Craft Mat by Ken Oliver (24″ x 36″). The Best Ever Craft Mat has been on my work table for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely┬álove it. So far, nothing sticks to it. To clean the surface, I use water, baby wipes, hand sanitizer or baby oil. So far, none of those cleaning products damage the mat. I wonder if after repeated cleaning the surface will eventually lose its ability to repel moisture. A word about the video: I usually don’t use my phone to make videos. I have to…

  • Grace Mendez Commonplace Book

    How a Commonplace Book Could Make You a Better Artist

    How A Commonplace Book Could Make You a Better Artist I’m writing a book and you can too! It’s not a novel, or a diary or a journal. It’s called a commonplace book. If you are not familiar with what a commonplace book is, here is a definition: noun 1. A notebook in which quotations, poems, remarks, etc, that catch the owner’s attention are entered “commonplace book”. Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. 19 Mar. 2018. <Dictionary.com http://www.dictionary.com/browse/commonplace-book>. What goes in my commonplace book My book is mostly filled with “etc”. It’s my reference guide, a place to keep art recipes, techniques and processes. Notes…