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    How Can Art Journals Create Joy?

    I need reminders. I use a calendar for appointments. I use a timer for cooking. I frequently use an art journal for personal growth and insight. As shown in some of my previous postsĀ I like creating simple pages in my art journal. This loose-leaf art journal page is created with pencil (erased after painting), watercolors and Sakura Gelly Roll Metalics. I have found the secret to living a meaningful life is to focus on your values. When I move away from my values I lose my way. I wish I had learned this earlier in my life. Although I understand this and believe this to be true I still forget.…

  • Living with Rejection Letters

    Trying One More Time

    I used to work in sales and I didn’t really like it. I did like talking to people and connecting with them. The part I didn’t like was the rejection. I tried not to take it personally but hearing “No, No, No” over and over got on my nerves even though I knew they were not rejecting me, but the product or service. That thought didn’t take the sting out of it though. There was also the added pressure from management to “GTC” (Get the Check). Part of being a professional working artist is putting the work out there and beingĀ vulnerable. It’s essentially asking, “is my art acceptable?” If it…

  • Artwork by Grace Mendez


    Focus and Direction Do focus and direction ever trip you up? Maybe I should say, “Lack of focus” and “Lack of direction” to be more clear. As I was working on this weeks tangle challenge, called Tripoli, I wanted to get up out of my seat and tend to the other things waiting on my to do list. But I resisted that urge. I made the conscious decision to focus on what I was doing and get this one thing done. I could have taken a short cut and showed you what I entered in a group show, called Rhymes with Orange, but I had so much fun creating the…