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    Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker

    I recently purchased Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker. My bookshelves are pretty full and I debated whether or not to buy yet another technique book. It feels like after a while the mixed media books that I purchase repeat their information or don’t have enough information. I’m so glad I bought this book. The chapter on proportions not only breaks down how to draw the face, she also shows you how to draw the eyes, ears, nose and mouth individually for deeper understanding. The last half of the book has 15 mixed media portrait projects. She uses a variety of supplies and substrates with thorough step-by-step directions. Throughout the…

  • Peek into Grace Mendez' Art Journal

    A Peek Into My Art Journal

    I’d like to give you a quick peek into my art journal, or should it be called a sketchbook? It could also be called a visual journal, too. What ever you call it, it’s the place where I like to try out my art supplies and techniques, sketch, draw or paint. Sometimes I write but mostly I create some kind of art. Some pages I like, some I love and some pages are not my greatest effort. I don’t call it finished at all even though I have added something to each page spread from front to back. And now I will go back through it again and can add…

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    Minimal Art Journal Page

    What is a minimal art journal page? It’s created with the bare minimum, stripped down to the essence. It is exposed and raw. No layers to hide under or cover parts that you don’t like. Whole art journals can be created with a minimal amount of time, supplies or fuss. What is needed is effort, engagement and passion. I get a lot of satisfaction creating minimal art journal pages. Art journals are created for a variety of reasons. Minimal art journals are very portable. Just the sketchbook or a piece of paper and a few instruments to make some marks and you are on your way. Art journals are a…

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    Peek Into My Moleskine Art Journal for Ideas

    I’m sharing my almost done Moleskine so that you can get art journal ideas. I work in a variety of art journals. They are different sizes, bindings, shapes, and papers. I have a Hardcover Sketchbooks Overview here. One of my favorite journals to work in is the Moleskine Sketchbook. Almost all of this art journal’s pages have something on them. I consider it an accomplishment when I get to this point because many of my journals are in varying stages. You won’t see a lot of writing because I like to do that later. I like to share my art journals with people so they can get ideas for their…