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    Identi-Pen and Zentangle Inspired Art on Cork Trivet

    The Identi-Pens from Sakura work perfectly for creating artwork on many surfaces. Each Identi-pen marker has two ends. In the video, I use the felt tip end. What I learned is that pulling the pen toward you rather than away works a lot better. Pushing away, the pen catches and lifts the pebbly cork surface. After I finished the video, I added more detail to the trivet using the plastic tip end. The pens are waterproof and will not run or smudge on the trivet. I have also done this process on cork coasters. The cork trivets came from Ikea. They are the same on both sides so you have…

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    Zenvelopes, A New Tangle to Add to Your Zentangle List of Patterns

    I may have come up with a new pattern. I was inspired by a blog post over at CappuccinoAndArtJournal. If you scroll down, she has a picture of wallpaper from a post office museum in Budapest. There are so many patterns to use in the Zentangle┬« world already named and dissected. Every time that I think I find a new pattern it has already been “discovered”. This may be the case here as well. I love what these two Certified Zentangle Teachers, Kathy Barringer and Denise Henkle Owen did with the pattern! I hope you try it out, too. Even if it’s not “new” it is still fun to tangle.…

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    Something New

    What happens when you are asked to make a change? Do you adapt or do you hesitate? What happens when you ask someone to make a change and they resist? How do you feel if they snap back “but we have always done it this way” ? I recently had this happen to me. As a new member, I made a suggestion to a planning committee to add a element to their community event. The idea was promptly rejected because they just don’t. do. it. that. way. “Oh, okay, well…, um…” was my internal response. I stayed quiet for the rest of the meeting and have pulled way back from…