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    Adding a Prompt to an Art Journal

    Adding a prompt to an art journal is one way to beat the dreaded blank page. The prompts can be answered in your journal on the very page that you create. The prompts can also be answered in another journal or notebook if you want to keep the response more private. I found that once you know where you are headed, it doesn’t take very much time to complete a page or at least get most of it done. The getting started part is what seems to hold up the process of working in an art journal. The journal that I am working in is one you could make with…

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    Best Thing in Your Day Writing Prompt

    I probably have mentioned this many times before, but one of my favorite writing prompts in my journals is to document what went right in my day or what I am grateful for. This can be as a simple as a list or it can be told in a story form. It can even be just one line. I had periods in my life where all I could manage to write about were the painful events in my life. Either way, writing about what is seen as positive or what is seen as negative, writing helps by getting it out of the system. I think of writing in a journal…

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    What’s So Funny?

    What makes you laugh? Our family’s dog, Olivia, likes to take one piece of her dog food and toss it in the air and then chase it down before she eats it. I don’t know where she learned to do this but it cracks me up every time she does it. And there was the time that I walked into a glass door of a restaurant in San Francisco and banged my head. Okay, it wasn’t funny then, but now it’s┬áhilarious. In your journal, write down what makes you laugh. When you get down, look at your page to remind you that there are good days along with the bad.…

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    Five Steps to Self-Worth

    We all make mistakes. And we beat ourselves up a lot. We are our own worst critics. Being critical stops us from moving forward. “When people believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” ~Norman Vincent Peale Take these five steps today to be-friend yourself and gain self-worth: Take out a blank page Write: “I am good at:” across the top of the page Create a squiggle border (optional, but fun) Write your list as quickly as you can. Fill the whole page and use more paper if you have to. Don’t edit as you are doing this step. Read the list to yourself. If you find negative…